How to Reduce Your Risk of Going Bald

Risk of going bald

Natural hints and tips for keeping your hair
Hair loss is an experience that a large number of men go through at some point in their lives. And although it’s commonly associated with getting older, it can actually happen as early as your teenage years. While many men reluctantly accept it as an inevitable part of life, others would prefer to slow it down using a formula like Provillus. If you’re at risk of going bald, here are a few steps to reduce the chances of that happening:

Consume a Healthy, Balanced Diet

I’m not suggesting anything drastic, but to simply eat fewer foods that are laden with fat, sugar, and salt, and to eat more fruit and vegetables. Fatty and sugary foods place a lot of stress on the body which can increase your risk of baldness, while fruits and vegetables contain a rich palette of nutrients that protect your hair and make it stronger.

Take a Biotin Supplement

Biotin, or vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is a nutrient that strengthens keratin, the protein from which your hair is made. Although you can get biotin from your diet, you may consider taking a dietary supplement, which can be easily obtained from any health store.

Take a Hair Loss Prevention Product

If you’re concerned about losing your hair, why not try a hair loss prevention product? Provillus, one of the market leaders, works by employing the use of an oral supplement and a topical solution that’s to be applied to your scalp directly. The supplement contains nutrients such as the aforementioned biotin, zinc, vitamin B6, and iron; while the topical solution contains minoxidil, a compound known for its ability to prevent hair loss.


As previously mentioned, hair loss can be brought on by stress, and a good way to alleviate excess tension is with a regular exercise routine. You can read more about the benefits of exercise on your hairline here.